How To Make Peace With Ketogenic Diet ?

Many of you are fired up and ready to start the moment you learn about the ketogenic diet. This is especially grand if you’re newly diagnosed. Now is the time to jump in and make the most impact. Hit
it with all you’ve got! The step-by-step guidelines in this book and other resources noted here will get you started down the right road.

Know that you have options. Yes, options! Although you may feel pressure to act immediately, do your best to make thoughtful moves towards health, not knee-jerk reactions to disease. Use the diet to give
you the space that you need but do understand that you need more than “diet” in your toolkit!

Watch out for the “yeah…buts”. These are obstacles to action:

“Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have eaten it, but it was my birthday and my daughter baked me a cake.” You could blow out the candles, cut the cake, and move forward with “What I REALLY want is a cup of tea”.
“Yeah, I can stop buying chips for myself but my husband would be lost without them.” Ask your husband to keep his chips at work or at least out of your sight.

You get the picture, right? This diet is a choice, not an imperative. You’re the one calling the shots!

Be sure that you are doing this for yourself and not simply to please a loved one. Recently, I read a series of blog posts written by a woman who adopted a ketogenic diet at the urging of her husband. As I scanned her posts, I realized that she never did get on board. It was painful to read repeated references to “cheats” and “transgressions”. Who wants to live like that? Change the story you tell yourself!

To Caregivers: Most initial requests for info come to me from spouses, relatives or friends of the person with cancer. I always ask: “Is your loved one on board with this?” If the answer is “not yet”,
I suggest education over coercion. Whatever your loved one decides, be prepared to offer your love and support. Remember, this diet is a choice.

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